Kaz Productions

Strategic Event Planning for Nonprofits

Our Services August 21, 2011

After 7 years of producing events and raising millions for local nonprofits in Denver we are moving on to pursue a dream of living abroad.  We would like to refer Staci Holt with Davis Events for your event planning needs.  


Kaz Productions is a strategic event planning company designed to assist nonprofit organizations in maximizing their fundraising events.  Our goal is to improve nonprofit effectiveness and build life-long donors through special events.  We support organizations by enhancing their ability to cultivate relationships, build their brand and plan cost-effective events that generate sustainable revenue.  We believe that events should be designed with an emotional hook to engage new donors and be the first step in grooming them for a lifelong partnership. 


Strategy & Design- developing the 30,000ft view

As consultants we work with our clients on defining their specific  & measureable goals and constructing a plan to meet the identified goals.  We design an event that meet these needs, sponsors development, brands your mission and engages your target market.


Implementation- the details

This is where we become the event planners and assist our clients with all the details involved in the planning process. From attendee management, logistics, sponsor fulfillment, marketing, auctions to volunteers – we provide a full variety of services to support our clients in their event planning needs.   We create an experience for your attendees!


Training- you become the expert

We want to teach nonprofits how to be successful on their own.  We provide training workshops that are either specifically focused on a certain element of the fundraising event process and we offer a full on course to take you from start to finish.


To date we have raised over $2.4 million for our clients and that number keeps going up